Who I Am


With 10 years of professional photography, located in Orlando Florida, I specialize in commercial, events, music and tourism. My content is colorful, vibrant, and sharp. 

I work with the worlds largest music artists, music festivals, corporate clients, and commercial projects. As I travel, I work with resorts, tourism companies, and businesses to deliver marketing content with the primary focus of attracting future business and visitors.

I pride myself in the speed and quality of my deliveries. Having worked with over 100 events around the world in various industries,  I know the importance of delivering content that is both captivating and instantly available to your target audience.

For me, it’s not only important that I get the shot, but it’s crucial that I deliver it to meet the clients needs.


If you’re looking for a bigger team, look no further.  As a senior photographer at the global visual agency, Alive Coverage, we staff a 12+ member photo/video team to meet any demanding job.  



Music is the Language of the Universe. I've been lucky enough to have experienced it all around the world, from epic main stage shots to intimate fan experience.


This world is beautiful, experience what I've seen. As I travel, I work with companies and tourism boards to deliver marketing content with the primary focus of attracting future visitors.  


Commercial projects, company events, and branding. Content for company brochures, web media, or print advertising to position your organization above the rest.


Sometimes in life , we encounter instances when the moment deserves to be captured. I like to tell stories about people's life or to inspire people in different times.